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  1. S o f t w a r e  D e v e l o p e r

  1. Employment

  2. Impala Technology

Software Engineer, Shannon Co Clare Ireland, 04-2014 to 06-2016. Impala technology provides software and associated support to local government using Windows Mobile based devices, ASP web services and involved developing a Ruby on Rails backend system. As Software Engineer my duties included:
  • Developing C# .Net for Windows Mobile devices
  • Developing C#/ASP .Net web services
  • Developing a Ruby on Rails system to replace current backend software
  • Liaising with customers
During my time at Impala I implemented a remote update and maintenance and status system for our Windows Mobile software that allowed us to manager all our devices, install updates, do remote maintenance, diagnose issues and control licensing, saving the company hundreds of man hours manually fixing issues and installing updates. I merged, refactored and optimised the previously fragmented Windows Mobile codebase into one solution that could be configured for each customer. I also did significant work on porting our old desktop application to a web based Ruby on Rails application to better suit our customers needs.


Engineer, Cork Co Cork Ireland, 07-2012 to 04-2014. Deitg IT Generalists provide professional hardware and software services to small and medium business. As an Engineer I Supported PC’s, Macs, Servers and Mobile devices for roughly twenty different companies including liaising with and managing customers. Diagnosing and researching solutions, writing shell scripts.
  • Research and development of technical solutions
  • Server and network administration and security
  • Shell Scripting
  • Liaising with customers
  • Diagnosing network and software problems
  • HyperV/VMWare

Freelance iPhone Development

iPhone Developer, Tralee Co Kerry Ireland 06-2009 to 06-2012. Liaised with customers, designing, developing and testing iPhone applications. Working on applications that included databases, maps, GPS, Accelerometers, Graphics, Networking, Threading, LevelSVG, Cocoas2D.
While working with individual and small customers I experienced working with customers to turn customers ideas into firm requirements, developed a variety of iPhone applications, worked on testing developed software and worked on optimising software including an application that had to run as a multiplayer game server managing the data for other connected devices over a network connecting while also rendering and handling input for the game running on the device. I also developed PHP and MySQL projects.


Embedded mobile device software/hardware engineer, Tralee Co Kerry Ireland,01-2006 to 09-2006.
During my work experience at Securecom I worked on assembling and programming their embedded devices in C using Bluetooth, RFComm and AT Commands to connect to bluetooth enabled mobile phones in order to send emergency messages.
Worked on the development of the Securecom Wireless Personal Alarm; Including work on the device hardware and software and particularly the Bluetooth stack. Working with interoperability of the embedded device and Mobile phones via Bluetooth as well as development of monitoring software also connection with mobile phone via Bluetooth:
  • Bluetooth
  • Mobile/Cell Phone
  • C++
  • C Sharp / .Net
  • Electronics
  1. Education

Endeavour Programme

Tralee Co Kerry Ireland 01-2010 Fifteen candidates were selected from 600 by a panel of over a dozen Irish business leaders via a gruelling pitching process to be given an intensive course in the subjects relevant to running a business.
  • Business Strategy
  • Communication
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Finances
  • Sales
  • Technologies
  • Team
  • Legal

Honours Degree in Software Development

The degree in software development in IT Tralee is divided into three separate courses. A national certificate providing the fundamentals of computer science as well as software development. A diploma which develops on the national cert for those more focused on software development and an Honours degree which more advanced subjects, development and a thesis project.
Stage 3, Honours Bachelors Degree 06-2009
During this stage of my Honours degree course I studied C++, OpenGL, Sockets and networking, Distributed Systems/Corba, Windows Mobile, Project Management, Systems Development, AI, Cryptography.
Stage 2, Diploma 10-2005
This stage focuses on the Software Engineering processes and lifecycle as well as continuing to develop the student programming skill and concludes with the student designing, documenting and implementing a large system under a deadline. C#, C++, Java, Project Management, Graphical User Interface Design,Networks, Operating System Theory, Object Oriented Programming, Mathematics and Operations Research, Project networked game.
Stage 1, National Certificate 10-2003
The National Certificate course focuses on Object oriented programming but includes Multimedia Design, Web Publishing and Database development as well as subjects which make up the foundations of software engineering including computer science, Mathematics and Systems Analysis, Java, XML, HTML, SQL, Graphic Design, Systems Analysis and Design, Web Development, Object Oriented Programming, Networks, Project (Stock Management and Sales system).

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