OpenStack Meetup / Software Defined storage

I recently attended an interesting OpenStack meetup/lecture on Software defined Storage or metering, touching on software defined networking. Here's the description:

What's going on in your Stack?Surfacing visibility onto the usage patterns, performance and internal dynamics of an OpenStack deployment is crucial to cloud operators. At the same time, users often need to be aware of the state of their cloud resources and to trigger notifications or scaling actions when certain thresholds are hit. Eoghan will explain how the OpenStack community is grappling with these challenges, and give the background to a number of emerging initiatives addressing related metering, monitoring and instrumentation concerns. 

Presented by Eoghan GlynnEoghan is a Principal Software Engineer at the Red Hat Cloud Engineering group, primarily involved with the OpenStack upstream projects related to compute fabric, image repository and measurement infrastructure. Prior to OpenStack, Eoghan was at Amazon working on AWS monitoring services, and before that developed a variety of middleware frameworks at IONA Technologies.
Software Defined Storage in the DatacentreBuilding the invisible but programmable infrastructure in the datacenter is critical to scaling flexible and operationally efficient datacenters. By efficient we mean fully automated and by flexible we mean providing Compute, Networking and Storage at the SLA required for the virtual machines or virtual machine aggregates in the datacenter. Delivery of Compute, Networking & Storage can be achieved by three resource controllers; Software Defined Compute, Network and Storage. The focus of the talk will be on Software Defined Storage in the datacentre.

Presented by William OppermannWilliam Oppermann is the founder of MPSTOR and and has been involved since the very early days in the OpenStack software project and in particular the storage management services.