Old Projects; Cows with guns

Technologies: C Sharp, Network
Project Size: 2/5
My Responsibly: Design, Programming, Documentation, Testing, Art

Description: Written in C Sharp .Net. This game is a multiplayer strategy game similar to Worms. Each player has a team that they control in turns locally or over the network. They can move, attack with a variety of weapons and destroy the environments. The game comes with a buit in level editor.

Cows with guns was a project I did as a ordinary degree project and to learn C#. The Ideais you have 2-4 teams of little cows in tanks who take turns at killing the other teams using grenades, teleports and flame throwers. It was mostly written over a long weekend. It is fully and meticulously documented.

Because of the time constraints I decided to use a bitmap image as the level and by identifying if the tank was on whichever colour represents the sky the game can tell if the tank needs to fall or not [pixel = light_blue; fall()]. It's a simple system but allows for a destroyable landscape. To destroy land a bomb simply draws a light blue circle over the blast radius. Simple but effective.

Although the game can be played on one PC it can also be played over a network and it also has a built in level editor/image editor.